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mobile applicationApp Dev

Mobile applications have sky rocketed since 2008 when the first generation iPhone came out on the market. Since then we have seen a billion dollar industry evolve and continue to grow steadily.

web developmentFront End Dev

The View in MVC (Model View Controller) is the end user perspective with a combination of pages containing images, text, media and dynamic interactivity hosted on a web server (Model). There are many different coding languages for front-end development including HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc.

HTML or Hyper Text Mark up Language is the foundational language which is accessed and transported with the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP).

strategic conceptMarketing Strat

Creation of product or company identity through color schemes, media, custom graphics (logo, icons, headers etc.) and content writing. This is done through consumer analysis and market research.

ManagementAgile Scrum

Always working to improve velocity by honing the software development process and working to improve velocity by identifying problem areas through the transparency provided in the Agile management system.  Taking stories through their life cycle

itunes connecte-Commerce

Shopping online has never been more popular. Setting up an online store from management to marketing can be quite an undertaking. I have had experience working from many different pre-packaged utilities to make this an extremely fluid experience.

social media marketingUX|UI Design

Wire-framing and creating well thought through flow-charts are only one part of good UX, UI architecture. Usability plus relative well structured content in front of your users is key to application/ site success in the long run.

Strategis built around real solid data is time consuming and a lot of the times skipped over only to fail. Time up front is time well spent.

social media marketingAPI

Application Programming Interface or API is integral to present programming. I understand the basics of utilizing this content component interfacing from pulling XML and documents to using social API to stream a plethora of rich content.

motion graphics developmentMotion Graphics

Motion Graphics are a wonderful way of making a point when limited by audience attention. YouTube is one of the most viewed sites on the web due to it’s ease of use. Utilizing the web video movement with high quality edits is essential to moving your marketing strategy ahead.

site content optimizationOptimization

Organizing images and video is not quite enough. When dealing with internet speeds and the many limitations of space requirements of mobile devices it is also highly important to optimize media and online content as much as possible.

SEO and analyticsAnalytics

Analytyics and Search Engine Optimization or SEO are highly vital for a website or mobile applications survival. With web giants like Facebook and Google controlling much of what people look at on the web it’s important to make your company shine by utilizing search optimizing tools to have the right image and sustain it.

content management systemCMS Config

CMS (Content Management System) are built in many languages. LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) environments being our favorite for it’s versatility, availability and ease of management.

A good CMS is wonderful for exactly what it’s name refers to, managing site content. From managing something as simple as a photographers gallery to a complex eCommerce store, having a simple to use management tool makes all the difference.

web applicationServer Admin

Hosting, maintaining and securing web servers is vital to sharing any type of information, documents, products or payments over the World Wide Web.

Server Administration encompasses the tasks associated with creating a stable environment in any dedicated, virtual or cloud based servers.