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Pixelscut Interactive Studio

Motion graphics created and/or edited for use of promotion for Pixelcut’s services.

We have had the incredible freedom to create and recreate the image of Pixelscut since it’s creation over 6 years ago. Pixelscut has been a great platform to meet and work with many  start-up and established businesses.

Challenges to construct cutting edge online campaigns on tight timelines and sometimes budgets had us creating systems to overcome the many obstacles.

Email marketing, Branding, SEO, SMM, Web UI Design, Custom Web Dev and a lot of WordPress were used as tools to push many businesses forward in reaching their intended audience.

Pixelscut’s smooth website animation with hover over and click motion controls adds an extra interactivity for visitors.

All animated circles created through CSS, HTML5 and JS start in the random shuffled state and revert back to there original position one user stops interaction.

Inspired by Chrome Experiments

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    • Projecto Perspectivas {Guatemala}
    • Bienes InMuebles {Guatemala}
    • Crepes by the Sea {Palm Beach}
    • High Tech Designs {Miami}
    • Daniels and Roberts {Palm Beach}
    • Resta Salon {Palm Beach}
    • Estudio Urbano {Guatemala}
    • Moving Pictures {Ft. Lauderdale}

  • Pixelscut was a creation of my wife, Sara, and myself over 6 years ago. We have worked on over hundreds of projects providing anything from branding to web application development. We have both honed our skills and refined our talents to provide quick delightful design and responsive effective web interfaces.

    Our goal is to continually advance in the direction of creating lighter, cleaner and more responsive web and mobile interactivity through research, planning and implementation. Working for and together with inventive and forward thinking companies and individuals.

    Check out the website for more information.

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